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After four very intensive days our students from Alicahue and Santa Irene branches finished their English Week with two shorts but very interesting and entertaining presentations last Thursday 9 May.

Strong emphasis on oral production

The English Week is a yearly activity organized by the English Department in every branch of our school to promote the use of this relevant and useful international language. During the current week our students from 7th up to 12th were absolutely involved in this celebration, which implied for them a lot of English production. This year a very much stronger emphasis than any other previous English Week was put on the speaking skill.

World-historical events

As it has been usual, this year students worked around a main topic. This opportunity it was:  “Important Events and Famous People in the World”. They developed in detail the following world relevant happenings:


Ø  First Man on the Moon

Ø  Woodstock

Ø  Discovery of America

Ø  Rock ‘n Roll –Elvis Presley

Ø  Twin Towers -9/11

Ø  Berlin Wall

Ø  World War II

Ø  Titanic

Ø  Crazy 20’s

Ø  Renaissance







Every student provided information

According to their personal oral ability every student in every class explained the origin, importance and influence those events had in the history of the world. They also described different famous people and gave significant data about those happenings.  Some of the students spoke less, some more, and some delivered long speeches, but all of them contributed to provide information to the listeners.


Students showed a great imagination combining in a well-balanced way classroom decoration, acting and speaking.

Hard work for judges

The judges had a difficult task to decide which class per level was the winner of this competition. They took into account the time students spent in the activity (15 to 20 minutes), the participation of every one, the fluency in the use of English, the capacity to deliver the speech without the help of written notes, the pronunciation and the absence of hesitation; and also creativity was scored by the judges (English teachers in charge of other classes and teachers of other subjects).


In the name of the English Coordination, Branch Principal and authorities of Alicahue and Santa Irene, we send sincere congratulations to all of our students from 7th up to 12th for their great and rewarding performance; and also we extend these compliments to their English teachers who guided them so well.


We invite you to see and enjoy a photo gallery of this event.  

English Coordination