4 de July 2017

One of the symbolic presents received from 4th seniors

Monday 3rd July was a special day in the Main Branch. It was emotional, especially for our students of 4th senior grades, since this is their last English Week they celebrate as schoolers and it coincides with the 30th anniversary of their school. Teachers and judges visited every class from 7th up to 12th, to hear and observe the students representing  a variety of famous personalities of the eighties -the decade when our American British was founded.

Among the characters played by the students, there were teachers of the branch, and renowned people from different countries and fields (poetry, arts, music, football, politics, and many others) who introduced themselves in English and, “having all of them in common that they were formers students of the American British”.

Each class also created a mural with photos, trophies and different elements illustrating their own history as a school group which one of the students in charge of describing it. Finally, they sang the traditional “happy birthday song”, presented a birthday cake and offered a symbolic present to their school which was received by one of the teachers visiting the class. The presents received consisted in a variety of plants, pieces of arts created by the students and many other original and symbolic gifts.

In conclusion, during the first day of this English Week celebrated in the context of the 30th anniversary of our school, students of all classes enjoyed the activity, showed originality, demonstrated their creativity, expressed their appreciation for the school and, of course, used their English.

 We invite you to enjoy the Gallery 1, devoted to our students of 4th senior.

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PHOTO GALLERY 1: Fourth Seniors’ Last English Week