Alumnos del American British participaron en el proyecto Share a Story de Cognita

2 de agosto 2019

Todos los colegios de la red Cognita fueron invitados a participar en el proyecto Share a Story 2019, cuyo objetivo era crear una historia en inglés y compartirla con el mundo.

No quisimos que nuestro colegio quedara fuera de esta gran iniciativa colaborativa, por lo que 5 alumnos de Octavo Año Básico estuvieron encargados de darle un final a las aventuras de Louis y Lyla.

Felicitamos a los escritores de este proyecto: Amir Farooqui (8° Básico A), Sofía Orellana (8° Básico B), Francisca Flores (8° Básico C), Amanda Aros (8° Básico D) y Catalina Lastra (8° Básico E). Y también destacamos el apoyo y trabajo de sus profesoras, Miss Mariana Bolton y Miss Viviana Farías.

A continuación compartimos con ustedes el capítulo final de esta historia creada por nuestros estudiantes:

Chapter 25 – American British School (Francisca Flores, Catalina Lastra, Amir Farooqui, Amanda Aros, and Sofía Orellana)

Suddenly, we were in the lift. It was shaking again and when it stopped we closed our eyes afraid. Did it work? Were we home?

Louis held my hand and I slowly opened my eyes. I was wordless! we were at school again. We had made it, we were home! We looked at Mr. Longsocks and he was staring at his Ipad again scrolling down checking unicorn pictures.

“Mr. Longsocks, we are home”.

“Obviously, where else could we be?” he said confused.

After a quick look I understood that he didn’t remember our amazing trip. I looked at Louis with terror and said “Please, tell me that you remember” and he nodded. Louis told me “Look what I just found in my pocket” and he showed me the red pendrive ruby. As soon as Mr. Longsocks left to the teacher’s room, we went to the computer lab to see what was inside of the pendrive. It had a lot of pictures of the different creatures we had seen: the dwarf, the alicorn, the dragon, the unicorns, the Moais, the monsters, the horrible creature in the forest and of course, our hero, the llama. It also had pictures of all the places we had visited including Atlantis and Easter Island. There was a document called Louis and Lyla. When we opened it we read information about us. It described Louis as brave, determined, intelligent, and athletic. Louis was surprised to read a description like that, he only saw himself as someone good at sports.

“I think this is all wrong”, he said.

“This is exactly what you are, and we all see it”. I said, smiling.

Then it was my description, I didn’t want to read it but Louis read it for me. It said that I was creative, smart, good at making choices, that dyslexia was my secret power and that I was a natural leader. I couldn’t believe that that was true. I didn’t feel like that, I always saw myself as someone silly and not clever enough.

Then Louis asked “Why do we have the ruby?” I had an idea… We went back to the lift and I pressed all the buttons while I was thinking of a very specific place. The doors closed and the lift started shaking, the lights were blinking and when the doors opened we couldn’t believe our eyes but we were ready for a new adventure.